Ashlee Taylor

Your SessionLIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY (Maternity, Family Portraits and Anniversaries)

Life is often compared to a journey, full of events and moments which are meant to be unforgettable. Lifestyle photography allows these special occasions to be documented and documented well.

Many clients ask me what the connection is between my wedding and lifestyle photography. The essence of my style is seen in the next important step of my clients’ journeys. I use the same light, the same approach and the same techniques to capture my subjects.

What do I like most about lifestyle photography? I really enjoy the life and energy I photograph during a session. I love making rather ‘normal’ situations, a child holding on to his/her mother’s hand or a future mummy touching her pregnant tummy, as the subject of the image. One of my clients noticed this when she said:

‘Watching her work is an amazing thing in itself; she is calm, gracious, unobtrusive and manages to capture those little details and moments so perfectly, without you even realising she was ever there. She truly gets the best out of everybody by making the environment a comfortable and safe one to be yourself in, which shows in every photograph; they are real, relaxed and true to the moment.’ -Amy

It is an honour for me to record the quiet, blissful moments of future or present parenthood. Nothing is too small to record forever.

Please do not hesitate to use my contact page to make any inquiries regarding maternity, family and anniversary photography.