Ashlee Taylor

About Ashlee TaylorMy name is Ashlee Taylor, European Fine Art Photographer, Proprietor and Creative Director of Taylor Barnes Photography.

Perhaps you could say that my story as a photographer began even before I realised it. As a young girl, I loved pretty things and beautiful places. The beauty I saw in different forms and places moved me to express myself through art. I am so thankful that as the years went on, my love of art matured into a career of capturing prettiness through the lens of a camera.

Ten years ago, my love affair with film began when I became a Film Wedding Photographer. It amazed me that in a split second and with a bit of light exposed onto the film, I could capture the essence of a person and encapsulate a moment in time in a soft and romantic way. Ten years later, I still love that with every image I take I show my viewers how I see artistry and elegance.

Who inspires me to continue learning my craft? I think I’m most inspired by Italian renaissance painters who were able to capture specific moments in time through their paintings. When I study their paintings, I am reminded of what the photographer, Jacques-Henri Lartigue once said, “photography…is catching a moment which is passing and which is true”.

Please feel free to use my contact page to find out more about destination weddings and fine art photography.

Image of Ashlee by Britt Spring all copy writing by One English.